BARRIERS - We are looking for a range of separating barriers. Low height either plastic or metal barriers and/or chain link to cover around 500m


STAGE -  A simple to construct raised area of approximately 40 square metres with a height around 30/50cm.


ENTERTAINERS - We need childrens entertainers for all ages and styles. Also, musicians for both day and evening events along with all types of general entertainers. 


COMPARE & DJ The names speak for themselves and if any radio personalities would like to make a contribution they will be greatly appreciated. 


SPEAKERS/ AMPS/ LIGHTING/ ETC. - Anything needed for an event of this style. We are expecting around 2000 people per event, depending on weather, etc. 


FETE STYLE STALLS - Gazebo or wood stalls offering all types of fete/ fairground games and activities. 


SMALL FREE PRIZES - We are looking for small, free prizes mainly suitable for children such as games and toys, etc. Must be new. 


FOOD STALLS - Small, individual hut-style or gazebo stalls suitable for serving hot or cold foot and snacks. 


SALADS, PASTA, SANDWICHES, CHIPS, HOT DOGS, BURGERS, GRILLED CHICKEN, ETC. JACKET POTATOES, PIES, PAELLA AND MORE - We are hoping that small businesses will provide us with the ingredients needed for us to arrange to prepare or cook. 


CAKE STALLS & ICECREAM - Either providing us with cakes to serve or the ingredients to make them. Ideally we are looking for an ice cream van with a soft mix machine and the necessary ingredients. 


CANDY FLOSS, POPCORN & DOUGHNUTS - Hopefully the machinery and the ingredients for these products along with help in operating them. 


SOFT DRINKS, BEER & TEA/COFFEE - Ideally cans rather than bottles. Also straws and disposable cups. Dispenser for tea/coffee or similar. 


LARGE MARQUEE - We are looking for either a very large marquee or a number of smaller ones. This needs to be supplied and fitted. 


VARIOUS NEW PRIZES - Basically, anything suitable for all ages of any size or value. 


FAIRGROUND RIDES/ BOUNCY CASTLES - Anything to keep the kids happy regardless of how big or small, we will appreciate anything.  

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