Leases Available on Albir Oasis Park

We have a variety of homes available to suit all budgets. 

All the homes are installed to the parks services and most of the homes have a parking area. 

More details about these homes can be found below. 

Please click on the main photo to see more photos of the interior of the homes. 

Please note that pets are not allowed on the main part of the park but there are two plots at the entrance to the park where pets are allowed. 

Whilst children are welcome for holidays they are not allowed on a permanent basis.

albir oasis park mobile home entrance
         New on the Market
Alucasa 9100          9m x 3m

This lovely mobile home has one double bedroom.  The lounge/dining room is fully fitted and equipped with air conditioning. The bathroom features shower, toilet and hand basin. This home is situated at the top of the park looking down the park to the swimming pool with the mountains behind.