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We want to thank all the NHS workers, now you can too! 

If you live or own a business in the Thanet area then we need your help.

Your local NHS workers put their lives at risk to protect all of us during the coronavirus pandemic. We all know how hard they work during normal conditions but what they have done since the Covid outbreak deserves the biggest THANK YOU!

For this reason we are organising a massive extravaganza in September 2022 (subject to change due to covid-19 restrictions) and inviting every NHS worker in Thanet to enjoy a totally FREE fun weekend. This is going to be a charitable event and everything will be totally free of charge to all these workers. We are looking for partners and volunteers to help in making this truly successful. 

All workers are included regardless of their position i.e. doctors, nurses, receptionists, cleaners, volunteers, to name just a few. We want to welcome all departments such as QEQM staff, Pilgrims Hospice, out-patient services, doctors surgeries, ambulance services, etc. 

There will be three events to choose from. Two day time family-friendly ones and one evening adults only event. 

The daytime family events will be based on a traditional fete with many stalls giving away free prizes. Each event will also have a free raffle with a top prize of a holiday in Spain. We are looking for companies or individuals who can donate prizes for these events. 

We are looking for volunteers to help prepare and run the events. A list of these can be seen towards the bottom of this page. 

If you like the idea, think it's a worthy cause and want to get involved, everyone will be most welcomed. We are looking for businesses to provide certain products and services or sponsor these. In return their companies will be recognised on our website and will have the opportunity to advertise during the event. 

The event itself is rather like a blank page or more accurately an empty field. Our idea is as follows and all the items highlighted are what we need to borrow or in some cases have donated. We are, of course, open to any ideas or suggestions. 

Picture a large oval central area marked out with barriers. This will be the main event area where all competitions will be held. Towards the back will be a stage for entertainers . There will also be a compare and DJ along with all equipment such as speakers, amps, lighting, etc. This area will also be the main area for the evening event, dancing, etc. On the outside of this there will be a number of fete style stalls  offering a range of small free prizes . Also in this zone will be various food stalls offering a variety including salads, pasta, sandwiches, chips, hot dogs, burgers, grilled chicken, etc., jacket potatoes, pies, paella and more.  There will be cake stalls and ice cream. We hope to offer candy floss, popcorn and doughnuts. On the daytime events there will be soft drinks, beer and tea/coffee. The evening one will be more focused on a buffet and paella with sangria, wine and cava. This will all be served in a large marquee. 

In addition to the linked items above we will need karaoke equipment, musical equipment, outside table and chairs, all catering equipment, storage trailers, very large fridges and freezers (possibly lorry based). We will also need commercial generators, portaloos, and all the other things we have probably forgotten about. 

Each event will feature a large raffle for which we will need various new prizes. We will be offering a free holiday in Spain during each raffle. We would also like to offer some fairground rides and bouncy castles.

If your business involves any of the above items and you wish to provide them free of charge for this wonderful event please complete the contact form at the bottom of this page giving brief details and we will get back to you. 

Volunteers - the backbone of the event. We need helpers in all aspects before, during and after. Whilst we need some specialist people the majority of the work just needs enthusiastic helpers of all ages and capabilities. 

On the professional side we need electricians, entertainers, cooks and security. 

Pre event - Help setting everything up and the start of food preparation. 

During event - Parking attendants, cooks and servers, entertainers, stall managers, gate staff, first aid, lost property, photographer, cleaners, bin replacement assistants, toilet attendants, etc.


After event - Breakdown and clean up.

There will be many more jobs and help needed if you are manageable in any of the above and want to help just let us know giving brief details in the contact form below. 

All volunteers and businesses contributing are invited on the final day to bring their families to join in the fun and to see what they have helped to create. 

If you want to help but you are unable to you can donate goods or money just let us know. 

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